Who are we?

Saint George’s School is a private school, located in Fornells de la Selva (Girona) which uses English as the main teaching language throughout its educational process. It covers all levels of education: Infant, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate. The school’s facilities compliment academic innovation as well as offering a wide arrangement of sports equipment.



The school consists of three buildings surrounded by gardens. All classes are spacious, benefitting from natural light.
Each building has been designed considering all the necessary requirements for the particular educational stage taught. The school furnishings and the layout of the various areas are adapted to the characteristics and the needs of the pupils. The school has a variety of sports areas.
All together we have 20,000 square metres set out in the following manner:



The school was founded in 1988, creating a new school in Girona which offered immersion into the English language.
The founder of the school, Sr Francesc Sayol, began this project with around 20 pupils who grew with the school until 2001 when they graduated as the first promotion of students to complete their Baccalaureate studies. The school’s intake has grown over the years to 700 pupils and with a total staff of 80.
The school began with one building but now houses three separate buildings with large sports grounds.