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Ideals and Pedagogy

Our educational model offers an environment based on the linguistic immersion into the English language in all the educational stages from Infants to Baccalaureate, following the framework set by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
Our education focuses on the child as the centre of their own learning and we offer personalized attention for the individual by attending to their needs and using multi level programmes.
The school atmosphere, working with projects, encouraging entrepreneurship and creativity skills, along with the introduction to cross-curricular technology programmes, allow our pupils to prepare for the demands and high levels necessary for university and the society we live in.

Our pedagogy is based on:

Psychology Department

The Psychology Department is formed by two psychologists and a speech therapist who are part of our permanent staff. They tend to the needs of pupils referred to them by family or tutor teachers. They guide and coordinate together with the teachers and establish the diagnostic and detection protocols of pupils of all ages.

They attend to the needs of our pupils, helping to discover and develop their intellectual and emotional capacities in order to enable them to reach their maximum potential.
They work in the following way:

School atmosphere and quality of life

As a school we work and promote values which define our professionalism and which we hope will reach our pupils on an individual level at home. These values give us important guidelines to help us manage the way we work.

We understand that the total involvement of the teachers and the whole school in general is fundamental to provide the pupils with the abilities to learn the skills necessary to work and live together employing their own values in a democratic society.
Our work on values is based on: